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As a Business

Our value proposition

We are a boutique team of field biologists that can rapidly assess vertebrate biodiversity anywhere on Earth. Our target market is larger consultancies and NGOs that need experienced specialists to conduct this kind of work accurately and efficiently for large projects. Our teams are scalable, so whether it's a 2-week survey or a multiple-year monitoring program for a large team, we understand the dynamics and logistics of these kinds of operations, and can execute them seamlessly.


We are also global ecotourism and conservation experts with two decades of experience working in this arena, and are experienced in assessing important biodiversity areas globally, which means we can assist with protected area assessments and models for strict protection and multi-use zones. We know what would be required to make projects operational from a community involvement and tourism perspective. We have 20 years of experience in business, and as such realize that any project has to be financially viable to succeed. 

Biodiversity Assessment

We are a team of trained environmental scientists that can assess terrestrial and marine biodiversity and have worked in every major global habitat in over 100 countries and on all seven continents. Our team comprises zoologists, botanists, geologists, geochemists, environmental policy experts, and human capacity facilitators.



Our team includes founding members of successful ecotourism businesses that have been operating for 20+ years on a global scale in almost every country that has tourism infrastructure and many that don’t, such as Papua New Guinea and Cameroon. It’s not just theory. We know what is required to be successful in this sphere. And we have literally seen it all.

Community Involvement

We have on our staff several people from indigenous communities who can act in capacity building to permit local communities to benefit from eco-tourism ventures. These include someone from Ecuador’s Amazon Kitchwa community, and a South African ranger who speaks Zulu, Swazi, Shangaan, Sesotho, and Ndebele.


Business Strategy

We endeavor to assist businesses, governments, and communities in understanding the true value of biodiversity and sustainability. We would like to equip these entities to benefit from ecosystem services, sustainable livelihood generation, and philanthropy. Our goal is to forge strong and lasting relationships with our clients, working with them to leave behind a landscape that is better for nature and people.

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