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Biodiversity Audits

We provide biodiversity surveys, assessments and audits. If you are a consultancy or NGO that needs to subcontract either a small focussed or large multi-disciplinary team of dedicated specialist field biologists, we are a one-stop shop. If you need an intense rapid biodiversity assessment (RBA) or a long-term monitoring study, we can't wait to get into the field to secure valuable data. After all, good decisions can only be made with good data. But if it's a desktop-based initiative, we can bring our vast field experience into an office to interpret and assess any area on Earth, especially if your projects span multiple global locations.

We are familiar with international assessment standards and protocols, including IFC Performance Standard 6 and the Aichi Targets according to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). So we can design scientifically sound field studies that meet those requirements. Wildlife is assessed using field observational studies, netting and trapping, and acoustic, aerial, thermographic, radar and ultrasound technology.

Our biologists have performed survey work in every major habitat on Earth, in over 100 countries and on every continent and ocean. This gives us an unparalleled understanding of global habitats and their animal assemblages. 


  • Habitat assessments

  • Rapid biodiversity assessments (RBA)

  • Baseline data gap analysis and survey design

  • Critical habitat screening and assessment

  • Surveys that meet IFC Performance Standard 6 compliance

  • Large and small mammal surveys: line-transect, nocturnal thermal-scope surveys, camera, pitfall, box and sherman trapping

  • Bat surveys: acoustic, harp and mist netting

  • Avian surveys: point, line and MacKinnon method surveys, sound recording and analysis (manual and automated) and mist-netting

  • Track and sign surveys: scat, track, hair, burrow, etc

  • Marine mammal and bird surveys

  • Reptile and amphibian surveys

  • Priority ecosystem service assessment

  • Biodiversity offset planning and design

  • Habitat-based and species specific mitigation assessments

  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services risk profiling

  • Species management and conservation plans

  • Biodiversity strategies

Oil Platform and five researchers on Marian photos by Ross Wanless. Images from Wikimedia Commons by Doug Beckers, FWC Research, Jerry Oldenettel, USFWS - Pacific Region, ap2il, ornitholoco

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