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Sustainable low-impact ecotourism is an effective tool for conserving biodiversity. We have more than twenty years immersion in ecotourism, and have developed many projects that are sustainable, profitable and inclusive. From the big picture to the smallest details, we guide projects to be successful, self-sustainable, and cost-effective. Our experience spans more than 100 countries, hundreds of lodges and conservation projects, and everything from marketing to creating features to attract eco-tourist visitors to training local guides.


  • Destination assessment and strategy

  • Ecotourism survey work

  • Market and demand assessments

  • Sustainable ecotourism project development and community involvement

  • Local guide training

  • Creation of key cost-effective features to attract ecotourist visitors

  • Ecotourism blueprints for protected areas and regions 

  • Ecotourism impact assessments

  • Ecotourism as mitigation for other developmental projects

  • Carbon leveraging and carbon neutrality strategies in ecotourism

  • Indigenous and community-based ecotourism enterprises

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Pitta Consulting conducts surveys of target market groups. This chart is from a survey in which we assessed the accommodation requirements of ecotourists. 

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