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Threatened and Endangered Species

We perform full-spectrum habitat assessments and species-specific surveys for United States federally and state threatened and endangered species, as designated by US Fish and Wildlife and US state authorities. Internationally, we have performed surveys for IUCN Red List threatened species, including applying IUCN criteria to assess taxa for threat status at a global level.

We are well-versed in permitting, for both IUCN and US endangered or threatened species. For endangered species, permits may be issued for incidental take to an otherwise lawful activity, enhancement of survival,  and recovery and interstate commerce permits.


  • Population estimates

  • Presence / absence surveys of key species
  • Resident Important Species (RIS)

  • Qualitative surveys

  • Habitat surveys

  • Assistance in habitat conservation plans

  • Mitigation measures for critical habitat and threatened and endangered species

  • Assistance with Safe Harbor Agreements

  • Assistance with Candidate Conservation Agreements

  • Endangered and threatened species permitting

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Members of the Pitta team have experiencing coordinating national Red List projects.

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