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Habitat Restoration

Our comprehensive understanding of the relationship between habitat and biodiversity has led to the resounding success of our habitat restoration projects. In both highly disturbed regions where active restoration is required, and where habitat restoration is integrated into a biodiversity offset, we can provide habitat prioritization, rehabilitation and regeneration services.


  • Habitat restoration project planning, implementation, monitoring, and mantainance

  • Biodiversity optimization through novel habitat creation

  • Generating successional heterogeneity to maximize local biodiversity
  • Delineation of essential areas

  • Corridor creation between integral habitat blocks 

  • Protected area delineation 

  • Native forest restoration

We have a dedicated team of biologists that work with habitat restoration, and are fluent with SER standards for the industry. We can optimize regeneration projects to benefit biodiversity and ensure benefits and ecosystem services to local stakeholders. In addition to restoration, we can engineer novel habitats in micro-climates with suitable soil and physical profiles, not only replacing lost biodiversity, but enhancing it. We work in multi-disciplinary teams to achieve these objectives.


Through a multi-decade regeneration project in the cloud forests of the Ecuadorian Andes, we have adopted different regeneration techniques to either: (1) restore the forest to its original (pre-disturbance) state, or (2) engineer an alternate state with enhanced biodiversity value. Our team has intimate knowledge of the differing faunal assemblages across the globe. We can accurately predict what animal species will recolonize regenerated lands, allowing for an optimal outcome.

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